WebDoc’s Management System

WebDocs is a document management system handles documents by electronically storing, organizing, indexing and filing. They can be retrieved when required, without any loss of timwebdocProje.
It brings all documents to your desktop and enables you to work with them, eliminating the need for paper-based documents.
It is a powerful document archival system, which ensures safety of documents, faster access to them and huge cost savings
This technology will enable you to manage paper as well as electronic documents and files in a single system. Documents are electronic and can be retrieved easily for quick reference.
This Application is used mainly on Financial/Banking Sectors to take the Documents from the Database.
This Application used by BPOS who provides Backend support to Banking Sectors

         Its  is a complete document management solution that helps you streamline business processes and eliminate paper by digitally managing, storing and distributing all your key business content. Use WebDocs to manage all kinds of electronic documents –spool files, PC and business system-generated content, invoices, work orders, email, forms  and more.

The software is browser-based, meaning you can access content from anywhere at anytime. You can choose from a hosted cloud version of WebDocs document management software or an on-premise model. Regardless of which version you choose, key security features restrict access to authorized users only. When you manage your documents with WebDocs, you get
more time to act on information instead of searching for it. Plus, you save on paper, storage and distribution costs.